MQM GTA Chapter celebrates 28th Foundation Day of MQM - Workers, Supporters and a large number of men, women and children attended the event
Communication & Media Cell, Mississauga
March 19th, 2012
MQM GTA Unit organized 28th Foundation Day of MQM in Mississauga on Sunday March 18th, 2012. The event was attended by Office bearers , workers , supporters of MQM in full strength. The show was set up by Youth and Women of GTA area. The highlight of the show was the performance of youth on different aspect and ideology of MQM exclusively role played by women and youth in continuous struggle of APMSO and MQM over three decades. Addressing the occasion women speakers commend the active participation of 51% of society during the State run operation against the MQM in the decade of Nineties.

Further elaborating the Ideology of Founder and Leader of MQM Altaf Hussian, Central Organizer MQM Canada, Iqbal Qamar said that February 19th historical public gathering of Women organized by MQM in Karachi reflected the Vision and seriousness of the Movement to empower the Women and strengthen Pakistan towards an Open minded, Positive, Dynamic, Vibrant and thriving society. The new era of middle-class empowerment has begun which will lead to un-root the rotten political system based on hierarchical and dynastical politics. In the current political scenario, QeT Altaf Hussain is the only hope of the people of Pakistan.

The youth was jubilant and enchanting slogan of GA Altaf and GA MQM amid cake cutting of 28th foundation day. The event was culminated with Dinner and greetings of Successful grand celebration event of 18th March in Hyderabad - Pakistan.

The loyalty to MQM and respect to its martyrs was observed during the events while attendees prayed for the martyrs and also prayed for long life for Mr. Altaf Hussain.

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