Iftar Dinner and 64th Pakistan Independence Day Celebrations, GTA-Mississauga
Communication & Media Cell, Toronto Saturday, August 20th 2011: MQM Canada, GTA-Mississauga Chapter hosted an Iftar Dinner to celebrate the blessed month of Ramadan and 64th Independence Day of Pakistan in Toronto. The Iftar Dinner was well attended by supporters, workers and the office-bearers of GTA Chapter of MQM Canada. The event was also attended by Central Organizer, Iqbal Qamar, Joint Central Organizer, Asif Qazi, and the Members of Central Organizing Committee of MQM Canada and a large number of people belong to literary society. Bob Delany, MPP Liberal Mississauga-Streetsville exclusively attended the event and addressed to the audience.

While talking to the gathering, Iqbal Qamar emphasized on the importance of month of Ramadan and acknowledged every body for their participations in making this event successful. He said that MQM Canada is working fro the Service of Humanity as per the teachings of Quaid-e-Tehreek, Altaf Hussain. He also highlighted and supported the welfare activities of SUN Charity and KKF (Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation) and urged people to donate Zakat, Fitra and sadqat generously. In the end he thanked MPP Bob Delany on his presence.

MPP Bob Delany in his short speech thanked MQM Canada on giving him an honour to join Muslim community on a blessed occasion. He highlighted the importance of Ramadan and said that Ramadan teaches us how to control our natural urges such as hunger, thirst and the desire to smoke and thus are able to better resist temptations for things which are not necessary. It gives us a lesson of tolerance and helps one to feel compassion for those who are less fortunate and underprivileged

On the 64th Independence Day of Pakistan, The Central Organizer Iqbal Qamar, Joint Central Organizers, and the members of the Central Organizing committee of MQM Canada congratulated the nation on behalf of the office bearers, workers and supporters of MQM Canada. They said in the statement that we have to put ourselves together as a nation and find the ways to overcome the challenges and to bring the change in the society for our future generation.

At the time of Iftar, everyone raised their hands for prayers to get the blessing of Ramadan, for seeking forgiveness of sins, for the health and long life of Quaid-e-Tehreek, for the success of MQM, for the forgiveness of Shuhada, for the peace and stability in Pakistan and for the prosperity of Canada.

Program concluded with Iftar Dinner and Cake Cutting Ceremony to celebrate Pakistan Independence Day.

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