I can confidently say that Tomorrow's MQM is in safe hands as well. Ibad Rehman Understanding with modern technology has always been on top priority for QeT Altaf Hussain - Iqbal Qamar
GTA-Milton Chapter of MQM Canada Organizes a successful Cyber Revolution Seminar
Communication & Media Cell, Milton, 
April 22, 2012 
MQM Canada has launched a series of seminars through its chapters on the topic of “Cyber Revolution” in order to create general public awareness about the importance of social media and its use in the daily life. The MQM considers it of paramount importance to adopt modern technologies in order to give impetus to progress and development. These seminars will help overseas Pakistani community specially youth in understanding the importance of social media and its effective role for building a better Pakistan.

The first seminar of this series was held in Milton city with the coordination of IT Wing and GTA-Milton chapter of MQM Canada. The seminar was attended by Patron MQM North America Ibad Rehman, Central Organizer MQM Canada Iqbal Qamar, Joint Central Organizer Asif Qazi, members of Central Organizing Committee, members MQM Canada GTA Chapter, members of Women and Youth Wings, intellectuals, local media and a large number of Pakistani community.

In his short address, Patron MQM North America Ibad Rehman urged the youth to come forward and struggle against the politics of lies and hypocrisy to bring the country on the right path. He further said that after attending the seminar and by seeing the youth in such a large number, he can confidently say that tomorrow's MQM is in safe hands as well.

In a thought enlightening address, The Central Organizer of MQM Canada, Iqbal Qamar highlighted the history of revolutionary movements and described how social media had played a critical role in fanning the flames of revolution once they were lit. He further said that our youth has to come out and use effective tools of social media to raise their voices against injustice and discrimination. News papers and TV channels might not give us enough space and time but in presence of vibrant social media, we do not have any excuses on how to spread the ideology and philosophy of truth. Social media provides equal and fair opportunity to everyone to spread his thoughts to others.

Incharge MQM Canada GTA Chapter Fahad Khanzada urged the youth to come forward and play their vital role by showing there presence on social media. Incharge MQM Milton Unit Farrukh Nizami thanked the people for attending the seminar in such a large number.

Kainat Sheikh emceed the conference and provided useful information on each appearance while Muzammil Mallick recited the holy verses of Quran in the beginning.

Member MQM Canada IT Wing, Kamran Hussain delivered a detailed presentation on the importance of social media and its use for building a better Pakistan while living abroad. Members MQM Canada youth wing Annam Israr, Daniyal kaimkhani and Farjad Abbas delivered brief presentations on understanding with majour social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Blogging.

Following the presentations, tutorials were held on social media tools in which large number of attendees participated in the workshops. Volunteers were present at each station who answered the questions, assisted participants in creating IDs and provided required technical help during the hands-on sessions.

In conclusion of the programme a prayer led by Central Organizer MQM Canada Iqbal Qamar was offered for the safety of Pakistani soldiers trapped near Siachen Glacier and the departed souls lost in Bhoja Airline plane crash in Pakistan.
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