Increasing number of killings leads to the fear that Karachi is being pushed towards another blood-shed MQM Canada
MQM Canada condemns the killings of MQM workers and supporters in Karachi
Communication & Media Cell, Toronto:
May 17th 2012
Central Organizer MQM Canada Iqbal Qamar, Joint Organizers, along with members Central Organizing Committee have strongly condemned the brutal killing of MQM workers and sympathizers who have been killed during recent wave of Target Killing in Karachi, Pakistan. They expressed heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families of innocent victims lost their lives.

In a joint statement, they said that these attacks seem to be preplanned and have a very familiar scent of conspiracy against MQM and peace in Karachi and Sindh. Increasing number of killings of MQM
workers specially in the past 48 hours leads to the fear that Karachi is being intentionally pushed towards another blood-shed in order to target peace loving policy of MQM. They further said that all the criminal elements have joined hands to target the innocent workers and supporters of MQM but they forgot that MQM has the public support from the grass root level.

In the end they prayed for the divine forgiveness of the departed souls and early recovery of the people injured in targeted attacks. They demanded of the government to quell the wave of terrorism in the city and arrest the terrorist elements involved in the martyrdom of innocent citizens of Pakistan.