Peaceful Demonstrations against Talibanization in Pakistan and brutal killing of  Martyred MPA Manzar Imam

Communication & Media Cell; Toronto, January 20th 2013; MQM Canada chapters organized demonstrations to protest against the brutal killing of MPA Manzar Imam, rising wave of religious extremism, unremitting terrorism and the spread of Talibanization in Pakistan. Demonstrations were held in all major cities of Canada. In a joint statement Central organizer MQM Canada, Joint organizers, Members central organizing committee said that the active participation of Pakistani community in the protest demonstrations has established that the people of Pakistan were not ready to surrender before the extremist and terrorist organizations. They further said that the absence of a united effort against terrorism by political and religious parties was highly regrettable and equal to leaving the nation and the country at the mercy of terrorist elements.  

Toronto : Peaceful demonstration against Talibanization by MQMCanada

Photographs GTA Demonstration

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Photographs Calgary Demonstration

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