Communication & Media Cell; February 20th, 2014; MQM Canada has organized the book launching ceremonies of MQM’s founder and leader Altaf Hussain’s book “FALSAFA-E-MOHABBAT” (The Philosophy of Love) in three major cities of Canada, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary on a massive scale which was attended by a large number of overseas Pakistanis residing in Canada.

The high point of these ceremonies was the presence of Dr. Farooq Sataar, currently The Parliamentary leader of MQM in the National Assembly of Pakistan and former Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis, as a chief guest on this occasion. Along with Dr. Farooq Satar, Central Organizer of MQM Canada Asif Qazi, Joint Organizer Mansoor Hasan, Members of Central Organizing Committee, In charges of all wings, Chapters, their teams and workers, dignitaries, diaspora community’s representatives, delegations of political and social organizations, print and electronic media groups and members of literary clubs were also in attendance.

The occasion began with recitation of Quran and Hamd. Afterwards, addressing the occasion, the panel speakers highly hailed the theme and ideology of Falsafa-e-Mohabbat (The Philosophy of Love). They highlighted the importance and relevance of the book in everyday life. All the speakers praised and applauded the leadership skills and literary skills of Qaid-e-Tehreek Altaf Hussain and termed the book as a message of love and devotion from a leader towards the nation of Pakistan.

The inauguration was done by Dr. Farooq Satar and later on in his speech he discussed and highlighted the usefulness and value of the book. He also informed the gathering that Qaid-e-Tehreek has also written 13 books before Falsafa-e-Mohabbat and he is the only leader in Pakistan who emphasise on spreading the awareness as well as provide guidance to the people of Pakistan. He enlightened the attendees that the English translation of the book is also in process and will be available all over the world and placed in libraries of different countries.

Inauguration events in Toronto, Calgary and Montreal were declared extremely successful in terms of its organization and attendance. Guest speakers and the general public who attended those events highly appreciated organizers and volunteers of the events by saying that the excellence of MQM organization and the discipline and hard work of its dedicated workers which produces high quality programs in such an organized manner. The discipline in MQM workers is only due to the philosophy, pure guidance and love of Mr. Altaf Hussain, who is not only a leader, but also a teacher and a spiritual father for his followers.

In their brief speeches, the central organizer of MQM Canada Asif Qazi, Joint Organizer Masood Hasan and chapter in-charges thanked all the people in attendance and appreciated all members of MQM Canada who made these events a huge success.   
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