There will be no compromise on the sovereignty of Pakistan
It is MQM's firm belief that Pakistan will stay and progress in future If needed, the whole Pakistani nation would stand side by side to protect Pakistan (Dr. Farooq Sattar) 
Communication & Media Cell; Toronto, February 20th, 2014; MQM Canada arranged a "Meet The Press" session on February 19th, 2014 with Parliamentary Leader of MQM in the National Assembly of Pakistan, Dr Mohammad Farooq Sattar during his one week organizational visit to Canada. All electronic and print media groups including prominent Canadians of Pakistani and Kashmiri origins attended the session. Senior MQM Leader, Dr Frooq Sattar addressed to the press community and shed light on current political situation of Pakistan, Dialog with Taliban and the external and internal challenges Pakistan is facing.

Before press briefing, Media and Communication wing of MQM Canada played recently released video of Tehreek-e-Taliban. The video contains brutal images of the dead bodies of 28 Pakistani Soldiers who were kidnapped and executed by the Taliban. MQM leader Dr. Farooq Sattar explained in detail about the confusion exists in Pakistan and how few pro Taliban political parties and media persons supporting Taliban interests by finding reasons of delaying Army’s operation against terrorists and forcing government to initiate dialog with Taliban. Dr. Sattar answered the questions asked by media representatives. Answering to a question, Mr. Sattar said that Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) and its workers and supporters are clear on party’s stance that any group or organization who are against the constitution of Pakistan and attacking Pakistani Armed Forces are the enemy of the state. Majority in Pakistan have unanimous conscience on one point agenda that there will be no compromise on the sovereignty of Pakistan and in case operation against Taliban; the whole Pakistani nation will stand side by side to protect their motherland Pakistan. MQM believes that strong foreign policy depends upon strong economy and domestic policy. Answering to another question he said MQM has firm believe that Pakistan will remain stable and progress in the future (InshaAllah).

In his closing comments, Mr. Sattar encouraged overseas Pakistanis community to use social media tools and forums to raise their voices against these state enemies. Also use their influence on Pakistan govt . to deal these terrorists with firm stance

After the formal press session, Mr. Sattar mingled in the guests of media community and discussed issues and shared idea of mutual interest.