Iftar Dinner and 64th Pakistan Independence Day Celebrations, Calgary
Communication & Media Cell, Calgary Sunday, August 14th 2011: MQM Canada, Calgary Chapter hosted an Iftar Dinner to celebrate the blessed month of Ramadan and 64th Independence Day of Pakistan at Pakistan Calgary Association Hall. The Iftar Dinner was well attended by large number of Canadians of Pakistani Origin including supporters, workers and the office-bearers of Calgary Chapter of MQM Canada. The event was also attended by Members of Central Organizing Committee of MQM Canada; Mr. Pervaiz Iqbal and Mr Shahid Raza Khan.

Hafiz Zarrif recited the Holy Quran to start the event followed by Naat-e-Sharif in a very devout manner by Anees Sahib and Gulzar Sahib. A very well known scholar from UK, Maulana Rafih Usmani addressed the gathering about the Islamic principles and the importance of month of Ramadan. To get the blessings of Ramadan, for the health and long life of Quaid-e-Tehreek, for the success of MQM, for the forgiveness of Shuhada, for the peace and stability in Pakistan and for the prosperity of Canada, he offered a very heart warming prayer.

Unit In charge, MQM Calgary Chapter addressed the gathering and thanks every body for their participations in making this event successful. He also highlighted and supported the welfare activities of SUN Charity and KKF (Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation) and urged people to donate Zakat, Fitra and sadqat generously.

Distinguish Pakistanis living in Calgary joined MQM in celebrating 64th Independence Day of our beloved country Pakistan.

Program concluded with Iftar Dinner.

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