Joint Emergency meeting of MQM USA & Canada on the deteriorating situation of Karachi and genocide of innocent civilians
It was determined that MQM USA & Canada will take active role in helping the affected families and victims of City of Karachi.

New York: August 20th 2011: A Joint emergency meeting of MQM USA & MQM Canada was held to review and assess the deteriorating peace situation of Karachi and genocide of civilians. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui Chief Patron of MQM North America, Patron Ibad Rehman, Central Organizers, member central organizing committee and members of different committees took part in this meeting.

In the two hour long session, participant expressed their grave concern on the continuously deteriorating peace situation in Karachi and all attending expressed & confirmed absolute solidarity with the oppressed and suffered peaceful citizens of the city of Karachi who are being victimized by gang-war criminals, savagery of mass-murderers and ransom collectors. Current Annihilation and genocide of innocent civilian of Karachi was strongly protested by MQM USA & Canada and ethnically targeted killing of Urdu speaking community by professional killers and criminal mobsters of Lyari gang war was condemned in a very strong manner.

In a statement issued after the meeting, it was stated that under an pre-planned, orchestrated and dreadful conspiracy genocide of Urdu speaking community is carried out by such elements, which is not only considered as direct attack on the autonomy and security of Pakistan but also open contravention of international laws and human rights guidelines.

In the interest of prosperity and political stability Sindh as well as safety/security and sovereignty of Pakistan, participants of the meeting stressed the need to continue cooperation with Peoples Party subject to the leadership of PPP to eradicate such elements from within their party who are no only adherently involved in patronizing criminal elements and gang war terrorists but they have also established an illegal parallel rule of lawlessness in Karachi.

In the statement it was made clear that from 2002 to 2007 during the MQM's rule of government there were no such target killings and calamities, but in the past three years under the some PPP government elementsí support and patronization a wave of terrorism is stretched in the streets & neighbourhoods of Karachi City.

In this emergency meeting all participants echoed the stand of MQM that if Police & Rangers have failed to control this terrorism then Pakistan Army should step forward and take indiscriminate action against these criminal elements, gang-war mobsters and ransom collectors hiding in Lyari and eliminate their existence to provide peace for the people of Karachi.

It was demanded in the meeting that the Federal and Provincial governments should provide support, care and well being of the affected victims, families of dead as a result of these atrocities, otherwise people of Karachi will not be wrong to to understand that Current Government does not accept them as equal citizen of the country and a discriminatory conduct is upheld with them. It was determined that MQM USA & Canada will take active role in helping the affected families and victims of City of Karachi.

It was also strongly condemned that some elements of establishment and spy agencies of Pakistan are running a negative camping and providing international organizing deceptive information against MQM, in the meeting it was declared as an abhorrent plot of conspiracy against the mandate of hundreds and million of people of Pakistan. In the meeting it was announced that in order to present the true factual details to the people, MQM North America will be initiation a public awareness and coordination campaign so that they should be made aware of real truth this de-characterization of MQM and harmful misinformation drive against the party can be responded and countered.

Participants invited the global community, world leaders, International Governments, NGOs and human rights organizations to forthwith send their delegations and get the right facts directly from the affected people, see the atrocities with their own eyes and identify the involved criminals in the mass murder plot being executed at people of Karachi.

In the end, participant offered prayer for the martyred and injured of Karachietes and seek the kindness and forgiveness from the lord (Allah Subhana watallah).

Communication & Media Cell
MQM North America