Social media activity of MQM Canada to support historical Women Convention held in Karachi
An effective media campaign was successfully launched in all chapters across Canada  
Communication & Media Cell, MQM Canada
February 19th, 2012

In order to promote MQM's Empowerment Women Strong Pakistan convention on social media forums, the IT wing of MQM Canada launched an effective campaign to monitor minute by minute activity of the historical convention held in Karachi on February 19th, 2012. The professionals and IT experts of MQM teamed up in different cities and formed an efficient network which was controlled from central media cell which was established in Mississauga, Ontario. Central Organizer of MQM Canada, Iqbal Qamar and all chapters in-charges were directly involved in this massive social media activities during this important and challenging cyber campaign.

In order to achieve targeted objectives in minimum timeline, an effective working strategy was designed by the IT wing in collaboration with Central Organizer and Joint Central Organizers of MQM Canada. The teams of cyber activists in different chapters were connected to the central information cell in Mississauga which was directly in touch with the media cell of MQM in Pakistan. Teams were given tasks to establish a bridge between MQM and the international media and social organizations, live broadcasting through website, provide information and updates to the local print and electronic media, monitor and elevate cyber activity for MQM on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, exchange of information and collaboration to counter baseless negative propaganda which was being posted on different discussion forms.